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The XP42HE is a sheet polarizer with high transmission of light and polarization of 400-700nm. This polarizer has the highest contrast as it allows the least amount of visible light to pass. The polarizer is typically used for high-end applications within the short-wave spectral field.

Application areas:

  • 3D systems
  • Optical Instruments
  • Stress analyzers


Specification Unit Value
Transmission Single, TS % 42,6 +/- 2
Transmission Parallel, TP* % 36,4
Transmission Crossed, TC* % < 0,001
Extinction Ratio % 30.000:1
Polarizing efficiency, P % > 99.99
Hue a -1,5 +/- 2,0
  b +4,0 +/- 2,5

TS = Transmission of a single polarizer
TP* = Transmission of two parallel polarizers
TC* = Transmission of two crossed polarizers
*the figures given are typical and therefore not guaranteed 



Dimension Thickness Characteristics
500 mm x 1.000 mm 0,215 mm Sheet, adhesive
500 mm x 1.000 mm 0,405 mm Sheet
Resistance Unit Value  
Heat Resistance °C x hours 80×500  
Cold Resistance °C x hours -40×500  
Humidity Resistance °C x hours 60×90%RH×500  
Transmission Variance after 500h % <+/-5  

Form of delivery:
Sheet, sheet adhesive, laminate, laminated between pmma, laminated between glass

Customized cuts on demand.
The direction of polarization is parallel to the first-mentioned dimension.
Protective films on both sides should be removed before using the polarizers within your application.
We reserve the right to change the technical specifications at any time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to offer you assistance.