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The WP280 is a highly transparent optical retarder for the visible spectrum. With this retarder the input linear polarized light is rotated by 90°. It is a half wave retarder for 560nm.




Application areas:


  • Circular polarizer
  • Polarization state inversion



Specification Unit Value
Retardation nm 280 +/-12nm
Range of use nm 560
Transmission % >90
Haze % <1
Dimension Thickness Characteristics
600 mm x 500 mm 62 µm Polymer film
300 mm x 300 mm 62 µm Polymer film

Form of delivery:
Sheet, sheet adhesive, laminate, pmma laminate, glass laminate, rolls on request

Resistance Unit Value
Heat resistance °C x hours 80x1.000
Cold resistance °C x hours -30x1.000
Humidity resistance °C x hours 60x90% RHx1.000
Range of use °C from -30 to +80

Customized cuts on demand.
The direction of polarization is parallel to the fast axis.
Protective films on both sides should be removed before using the polarizers within your application.
We reserve the right to change the technical specifications at any time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to offer you assistance.