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ITOS GmbH - official SCHOTT distributor since 1995

SCHOTT Advanced Optics is the leading worldwide manufacturer of special glass due to its extraordinary technological competence.
ITOS GmbH, as an official distributor of SCHOTT AG, provides its customers with access to the complete SCHOTT catalogue of optical filters – also in smaller quantities. Our many years of experience, combined with our technical expertise allows us to quickly guide the customer to the most appropriate solution for the required application. In order to guarantee fast order processing we ensure that we have every SCHOTT filter on stock.

Our manufacturing facility is comprised of an extensive range of state-of-the-art machinery which, apart from the standard product sizes, provides us with the possibility to supply customers with custom filter solutions. ITOS GmbH is a DIN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management-certified company committed to continually developing and maintaining the highest standards for our customers. 




Schott optical filters from the worldwide leading  manufacturer of special glass
Schott optical filters from the worldwide leading manufacturer of special glass

UG: Black and blue glasses , UV transmitting
BG: Blue, blue-green and multiband glasses
VG: Green glasses
GG: Nearly colourless to yellow glasses, IR transmitting
OG: Orange glasses, IR transmitting
RG: Red and black glasses, blocking visible, IR transmitting
NG: Neutral density glasses with uniform attenuation in the visible range
WG: Colourless glasses with different cutoffs in the UV, transmitting in the
       visible range and the IR
KG: Virtually colourless glasses with high transmission in the visible and
       absorption in the IR
FG: Blue and brown glasses (Conversion filters)

Schott colour glass product range consists of the following filter glass types:

Band pass filters - selectively transmit a desired wavelength range
Long pass filters - that block an undesired shorter wavelength range
Short pass filters - that block an undesired longer wavelength range
Neutral density filters - that exhibit nearly constant transmission, especially in the visible range
Heat protection filters - that exhibit high transmission in the visible range and absorbs IR
Conversion filters - that change the color temperature of a light source
Multiband filters - exhibit multiple regions of transmission and blocking